When asked what the fastest growing social media network is, people automatically think of Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest, however, is the fast growing social network and if your brand isn’t on there – you’re missing out.

The website has over ten million monthly visitors, which is a huge amount of traffic. Around 70% of the site’s users are women. The site is valued at £125-million and everyone from Whole Foods, the US Army and the Backstreet Boys already have their own pages.

Pinterest let you create your own picture boards and users are able to share their favourite images. It’s a pretty refreshing change from micro-blogging site Twitter and social media king Facebook because it’s not about talking or chatting – but it’s still pretty addictive (you can spend hours browsing through pin boards and re-pinning images that you like).

How to create a Pinterest page

Pinterest is a bit exclusive because it’s a “by invite only” website. When you log on to www.pinterest.com, however, you can request an invite (in our experience it takes about a day or two to get your invite).

Once you’re in, you will be able to follow popular pinners and you will receive the option to follow your Facebook friends as well as the people you follow on Twitter. You can also adjust the settings so that you send out a tweet or Facebook update every time you post a new picture or follow somebody on Twitter (if you’re planning on doing a lot of pinning, you might want to remove the notification option because it could get a bit spammy on Facebook and Twitter – filling an entire timeline with “Dorothy followed xyz on Pinterest” a hundred times a day). If, however, you want your Facebook followers to know about new pins, you just have to tick the button on this page:


Then it’s time to start pinning. You will have a few default pin boards (like “Fashion” and “Places & Spaces I Love”). You can customise the themes of these boards or use the default ones for a while until you’ve figured out what you like to pin.

Pinterest is a great way to keep a collection of images, signs and graphics that you love. You can also follow other pinners who you find inspirational.

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