A landing page is a website page accessed when visitors click a link found on another website. A landing page is important in digital marketing. An effective landing page is able to increase conversion rates. It can be the difference between converting a visitor into a customer and repelling that visitor away.

For this reason alone, using a winning landing page strategy increases conversion rates and boosts website traffic.

Creating a winning landing page

There are several strategies used to create an effective landing page:

  • Create landing page goals

A winning landing page needs to have goals to successfully convert visitors into customers during B2B marketing. Objectives to consider when creating your land page are:

  1. It must communicate brand values to potential customers and visitors
  2. Effectiveness in convincing visitors to register to generate leads
  • Must be able to profile visitors for future online advertising campaigns
  1. Provide value to site visitors through PPC content that is different from other sites
  2. Provide different methods to acquire visitor details without being intrusive
  • Show relevance in your content marketing

An effective landing page shows relevance to visitors. Since visitors have a goal in mind when visiting your landing page, make sure it is relevant to them. Give them the information they are looking for. An effective SEO landing page shows visitors they have visited the right place when they can get the right information, product or service.

  • It must integrate with referral source

A referral source leads visitors to your landing page, through link building. A referral source is the starting point visitors used to reach your site. This could be a search engine, other websites or even social media sites. To this end, during content marketing make sure the landing page content and that of the referral source are related. The landing page content needs consistency or else visitors will leave the site, no matter how attractive your website design is, and never come back when deceived.

Other strategies used to create a winning landing page include:

  • Right page length
  • Creating a flowing design land page
  • Interesting and meaningful graphics
  • Considering longevity of landing pages as a digital marketing strategy

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