Mobile marketing is the ideal way of making a connection with modern, tech savvy clients who can drive your sales and spread the word about your product and brand. The average person will spend a couple of hours on their phone each day, which makes mobile devices a prime advertising medium for businesses.

If you want your mobile marketing campaign to yield great results you will need to plan properly, understand the technology involved and ensure you present your target audience with high quality and relevant content. Below we provide a step by step guide to setting up your own mobile marketing plan.

Steps to follow when setting up your mobile marketing plan

  • Establish objectives for your campaign. Your mobile marketing plan is not just a strategy – it will take hard work and effort. It is therefore best to know what you are working towards.
  • Focus on your set up – with any promotion, competition or giveaway there are admin tasks which need focus. You will need to set in place official rules, legal compliance and sometimes even age verification. Make sure your plan has catered to these.
  • Opt in and out – building a relationship with your client base is essential, however you need to let the consumer decide if he or she would like to be a part of your marketing campaign. Make sure you offer opt-in and opt-out features and that these are managed effectively.
  • Tracking – make sure you have the tracking methods in place so that you can track your mobile campaign and its results.
  • Creative components – you will want to grab the attention of your consumers without trying to fit too much into the small screen space you have available. SMS is a great option as most phones can receive texts. Remember to keep your graphics lightweight and ensure any copy used is short, catchy and effective.
  • Reports and analysis – this is one of the most important aspects of any mobile campaign as it will help you to see your ROI and also reveal areas where improvement is required in your plan / strategy.
  • Testing – a mobile campaign’s variables should all be tested before your campaign is launched. Testing should be carried out for user flow, responses, data capturing, carrier and load testing.
  • Landing pages – make sure when clients click links or try to find out more information, that you have dedicated landing pages available with sufficient content and clear calls to action.
  • Customer service and follow up – when your mobile marketing campaign is sent out, and your consumers start to redeem your offer; you will need to provide excellent customer service. Make sure your consumers can easily make contact with your business.

To learn more about setting up a mobile marketing plan and to reap the rewards of professional digital marketing assistance, contact us at WSI OMS today.

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