If your social media marketing strategy does not include Facebook ads, you’re missing out on a crucial method of telling the world about your business. Because Facebook ads are becoming more complex and with new developments happening all the time, it is important to set clear goals for your Facebook ad campaigns so you can monitor your success and make the relevant changes in time. 

Social Media Marketing Best Practices: Facebook Ads 


Don’t aim for popularity- create objectives that drive value 

With so many different advertising objectives available to your business, it can become difficult to pick the correct goals to aim for in Facebook advertising. The best plan is to determine which goals will produce the most value for your business, and aim for those objectives. Value-driving objectives no longer just include likes on your page or clicks to your website but should include conversions and brand awareness. Being popular on Facebook may help your business to reach more audience members, but if those views don’t convert into sales, they are not worth the advertising budget. 

Try out Facebook’s Placement Optimisation 

Placement options on Facebook include Facebook and Instagram feeds, the Audience Network, and Facebook Messenger. If you choose to activate all the placement options available to you, the Facebook Ad platform will learn which placements are the best at achieving your objectives in a cost-effective manner, enhancing your campaign performances without all the research effort from your side.

Experiment with the Campaign Budget Optimisation option 

Similar to the Placement Optimisation process, the Campaign Budget Optimisation lets the Facebook Ad platform find opportunities to achieve your set goals across your ad sets and give priority in the budget allocation to the ads that are performing well. This option takes away some of the control you have over your ads but can help you to spend your budget more effectively across your Facebook Ads. 

Learn when to niche down and when to target broader audiences 

For a long time, Facebook Ads that targeted small, niche groups performed better than broader target groups. Due to the increase in targeting and competition, it may cost more to target a smaller group with your Facebook Ad. This aspect of the Facebook Ad platform makes it crucial to understand when targeting a broader audience may be more cost-effective. If you’re trying to make your budget go further, set your audience broader so Facebook Ads can reach different people at a lower cost. 

Optimise for mobile when creating 

The statistics for mobile use of social media platforms alone should indicate that mobile-first creation is key to achieving success in social media marketing. If your advertisement doesn’t load correctly on a mobile device, it won’t go down well with social media users. 

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