How can you create better content that shakes people awake and makes them read every word, click every link, and watch every second? How can you create content that people want to consume? Here is a simple formula to tell better stories:

Content needs to be story driven. If you start with a story, people want to pay attention, and they want to listen. People like stories and there are three parts to a story:

  1. Context – state the situation that led to the story
  2. Inciting incident – this is usually a conflict of some kind
  3. Resolution – this is where you can state how the conflict was resolved

Think about how you can turn pieces of your existing content into better stories. Case studies, for example, are a great opportunity for better storytelling and content marketing.

Many times, companies create stock-standard, dull case studies that list the client’s name, the product that was specified for their project, and the result. Consider how much more interesting this case study would be if you gave more context to the situation. Tell the reader what industry the client is in and what challenges they were facing. Then you could go on to tell how your team went about determining what type of products or services were needed to resolve the situation. Then, you could have before and after photos showing how you successfully overcame the challenge.

Virtually any content that you post can be improved with better storytelling. If you’re posting team photos, tell your audience who the people are, how long they have been with your company and what they are working on. Give people more context, more conflict and more resolutions for fuller, better stories.

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