If you feel you have something to tell your audience, but are tired of the usual blog posts, you should think about launching a podcast. Podcasts are audio content that can be listened to on demand, kind of like a portable radio. A podcast is subscribed to, downloaded, then listened to on a smart device or tablet, whenever it suits you. They come in all sorts of formats, from interviews to panel discussions, entertainment to story-telling.

Unlike reading a blog post or watching a video, podcasts are a truly mobile medium – you can listen while driving, jogging, walking, sitting on a train, or lying on your bed. Although podcasts have been around for years, they’re becoming more prolific, with the increase in smart phone users and Bluetooth technology in cars and homes. Podcasts have a powerful ability to start a conversation; as well as educating listeners who traditionally spent their time listening to music or talk shows on the radio. Highly personalised, niche specific information and news when you want it – sounds pretty appealing, doesn’t it?

There are a few steps to consider when planning to create a podcast:

  • Define your audience and the goal of your podcast
  • Choose a memorable title and a format that represents your content best
  • Write yourself a script
  • Get some high quality album art made
  • Being with a raw recording, then prepare for editing
  • Choose audio editing software that suits your needs – some are free
  • Edit your podcast, then load it into your software
  • Finalise your file and convert to .mp3
  • Create a show page that sells your content
  • Promote your episode on social media

You could also establish a relationship with a production company who will take care of the complicated steps, if you’d rather not do it yourself.

Podcasting can be a strong component of your content marketing strategy, allowing you to expand your reach. It’s also a great way to test new ideas and topics – if you hit on something that resonates well with your audience, you can turn it into an eBook or longer article later on. Podcasting is also a clever way to repurpose your work, since not all your followers can read or listen to everything you create – use multiple mediums to distribute your content to reach different audiences.

For more on content marketing and a strategy to launch it across different channels, contact us. As digital marketers, we’re all about getting you noticed online.

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