Email marketing is not the easiest – sales emails are difficult to get right. They can be time-consuming and hard to tailor, with a good chance of being ignored. Sales emails are like the gift wrap on something special – you know people want what’s inside, but how to get them to open it? You need to keep your emails clear and unambiguous so your prospects can focus on what you want them to know.

There are some golden rules about writing sales emails, with the first being to Proofread everything you write, several times over. Nothing turns people off quicker than a piece of writing littered with mistakes. No one will take your product or service seriously if you can’t be bothered to present it properly.

With longer sales emails (not the best idea, but sometimes necessary), Format your writing to keep it clear. Use bold or underline to emphasise points or dates; break up larger pieces of content into smaller, easy-to-read paragraphs; use bullet points in lists; use call to actions that are bright and obvious.

Check your facts – like the spelling of your prospects’ name, or their business name. Don’t get dates or days of the week wrong; make sure you attach resources promised in the text; ensure links work.

Use an energetic and Active voice in your emails. Strong verbs with an authoritive tone gives your writing a confident feel. Remove weak words from your writing, like “I think” or “Actually” – they will make you sound unsure and unprofessional.

Give Reasons in your writing for requests – letting people know why you want the to do something (Click here or Call me) increases the chance of them doing it by 50%.

Use your Email signature. Make it easy for people to contact you. You can include more than just your name and contact details – use links to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile; add a date of an upcoming event.

Be Human. Let your personality emerge in your writing, to prove your email was not generated by a machine.

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