Evergreen content is considered to be ‘timeless;’ it’s expert opinions about a niche field, aimed at beginners who know little about the subject matter. The content you create needs to be easy to read, easy to understand and shouldn’t have to be updated (hence the ‘timeless’ idea). In order to write great evergreen content, make sure your articles are:


If your content loses relevance over time, or with each passing trend, then it’s not good evergreen content.


If you’re selling paint, then you should write evergreen content which helps people who are interested in your product. Consider ‘how to’ guides and write your content to help with practical issues a potential client would face, such as ‘how to choose the correct interior paint’ or ‘how to prepare your exterior wall for a paint job.’


The problem with evergreen content is that it can quickly get buried by other blog posts. When there’s a lot of news in your industry, such as research papers, staff members presenting at conferences or promotions and specials, the evergreen content can get pushed down so that it’s not very easy to find on your blog roll. Make sure your evergreen content is still easy to find by reposting it to the top of your blog frequently, or by creating a separate tab where new blog visitors can find it.

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