Keyword match types are something that you really need to consider before setting up your PPC campaign. Here’s a quick overview of the different kinds of ‘match types’ that can form part of your paid Google advertising strategy:

  • Exact Match Types

This is where people can only see your ad if they have used the exact keyword in Google. This is a great match type to use if you are targeting very specific keywords and they can be very cost-effective to bid on as well. On the flip side, it can limit the amount of traffic that is coming into your site.

  • Phrase Match Type

This means that your ad will only appear if they type in another word before or after your keyword phrase. If your keyword phrase is ‘wedding dress’ and the user types in ‘white wedding dress’, for example, then your ad may appear.

  • Broad Match Type

This is where the searcher’s query can be related to any word in your keyword phrase. This can include synonyms or related words. If your keyword phrase is ‘wedding dress’, then a related broad match type could be ‘wedding gown’. This can be very costly to use but it can also bring in a lot of traffic.

It can take a while to become familiar with AdSense and PPC. Many times, you will only get good at paid Google advertising once you have played around with different keyword phrases and experimented with your results. If you want quick and effective PPC results, then contact WSI OMS today.

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