With one foot in the first world, and one foot in third, the South African Millennial is in the unique position where they have the outlook and aspirations of first world Millennials, but understand the limitations and socio-economic factors of being in a developing nation.  Traditional marketing campaigns are not effective for this kind of outlook. A new approach must be taken, and experimental marketing needs to be implemented.

The South African millennial is an interesting breed. Living in a developing third world nation, but with the hyper-connectivity of their first world counterparts, the South African Millennial is a target audience that responds to a more innovative form of advertising.

Some Facts on Millennials

 The term Millennial was created by Neil Howe and William Strauss, and is used to denote anyone who was born between 1980 and 2004. In 2017, Cosmopolitan ran a survey on Millenials in South Africa. This survey yielded the following figures:

  • There are 195 million Millennials in the country
  • 78 percent are employed, and therefore economically active
  • 96 percent have a bank account
  • 62 percent have bought something that was out of their budget
  • 62 percent are saving for something

These numbers show that Millennials are not only active consumers, but are trying to move up their station in life. By 2020, 50% of the workforce will consist of Millenials.

A large percentage of the workforce now consists of Millennials, so they have a lot of buying power. This means they are a prime sector to target.

However, Millennials live in a hyper-connected world of globalisation and the internet. Trends come and go faster than major companies are even able to understand them. Such a culture of high-speed craze followed by obsolescence means that a new kind of experimental marketing is required. Branding through social media and other forms of digital marketing is the new TV or billboard.

Times are changing, and Millennials are forming the forefront of that change. Experimental marketing keeps things new and fresh, and allows us to reach a massive client base in record times. If you need help or advice with your digital marketing campaigns or content marketing initiatives, contact WSI OMS.

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