As social media marketers, we often tell clients that “getting more Likes” on Facebook shouldn’t be your only goal with social media marketing – because everyone knows it’s about the engagement and not the number of Likes your brand has. That said, more Likes means more people reading the content you post, more people sharing your updates and more people who are connecting with you online.

A common misconception is that you simply need to post great content on Facebook and the Likes will follow. While there’s some truth in this statement, it’s hard to grow your fan base if there are only a few people (your employees, friends and family) following you to begin with. If you want to give the number of Likes on your page a boost, use these strategies:

  • Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising is quick, simple and targeted. You can choose exactly who should see your ad – from men or women down to their hobbies and interests. If this strategy is done properly, you can get tens of thousands of Likes within a few days.
  • Advertise the icons. Most websites have social media icons on their websites these days, but there are other ways to promote your page on your existing web properties as well. Include the icons in newsletters, blog posts, e-mail signatures or anything else your company sends out. You can even change your Skype and Gtalk status to your Facebook page in order to encourage your contacts to visit and Like the page.
  • Give something away. Does your company create White Papers and eBooks? Offer a free White Paper, eBook or other online resource to people who like your page. Make sure you keep track of who’s liking your page so that you can send them a message with a link / password to the freebie once they’ve liked the page.
  • Create a custom landing page. Custom Facebook pages are great – they look different and they are much more interesting than the standard Facebook pages. If you’re getting a custom page, create a big banner that says “Like Our Page”.
  • Play favouritism. Offer discounts and promotions to Facebook users who like your page.

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