There are thousands of copywriting services available in South Africa today. These include large departments within some of the most reputable marketing organisations, right the way through to freelance copywriters working out of their homes. This piece will look at a few red flags you should look out for before hiring a copywriter.

Your Chosen Copywriter doesn’t have any Samples or a Portfolio for You

Whether you’ve chosen to hire a freelancer or a marketing firm to tackle your copywriting needs, you will need to at least see some of their work before bringing them on board. Taking a look at pervious work can give you an insight into what you’ll be getting for your money. The last thing you want to do is pay for a sub-standard service that proves to be completely ineffective.

Outrageously Low Prices

Far too many business fall into this trap: They search the net and get a bunch of quotes for the work they want to get done and end up settling on the offer that costs the least. Copywriting is very much similar to design in that you get what you pay for – rather spend that little bit extra knowing that you’re going to receive a quality service.

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