Connecting with your target audience today is like trying to hit a moving target. According to Oracle, close to 80% of consumers now use at least two communication channels before making a buying decision. In addition, 30% use three or more channels before making a buying decision.

This means that marketing has gotten a lot more complicated:

  • You need to SEO your site so that people can find you on Google,
  • You need to post to social media so you can engage with your target audience on these platforms,
  • You need to create content for your blog,
  • You need to send discounts and promotional information via email, and
  • You need to distribute timely mobile messages through your app or other mobile marketing strategies.

Surviving and competing in today’s digital landscape can be impossible if you are not using a cross-channel approach. A successful cross-channel marketing campaign lies in having a deep understanding of your target audience:

  • Their demographics,
  • The challenges they face,
  • Where they spend their time online, and
  • How they spend their money.

A visual representation of this information will help you identify trigger points where you can engage with the right customer at the right time. If a person has downloaded your mobile app, then triggering a push notification if they haven’t opened the app yet is a good example of a cross-marketing trigger point that can be automated as part of your digital strategy.

After you have created a visual representation of your target audience, you need to map out every possible scenario of consumer engagement with your brand, and then prioritise communication opportunities. Look at pivotal stages in the relationship like becoming a subscriber, reaching a loyalty tier, or becoming inactive for a period of time to trigger a communication. From here, you will need to select the appropriate channels for each communication.

Throughout this process, feedback from analytics as well as your target audience will guide you on how to continue optimizing your cross-channel marketing strategy. For help with your digital marketing campaigns, contact WSI OMS today.

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