Did you know that your corporate identity influences consumers and their purchasing decisions? Now you do! It should, therefore, be clear that a consistent corporate identity is vital to ensure that your company will be recognised, remembered, loved and shared. But, crafting your corporate identity entails more than giving free rein to a designer. So, how do you create a strong corporate identity that sets your business up for sustainable success? Follow the 8 steps below, and you can’t go wrong:

Plan Your Company Strategy

It is pointless to create an identity that is only relevant to your current position. Your new identity has to be based on where you are going, so keep your business strategy for the future in mind.

Assess Your Existing Distinctive Brand Assets

Brand assets are much more than just your logos, your font or your existing colour palette. It expands into all the brand elements that are associated with your business, even the themes that you use in your advertising or office spaces. Ideally, the public should still recognise your brand even if your logo is not used. Think of the Savannah ads that were instantly recognisable simply based on Barry Hilton’s dry humour and the dimly lit pubs.

Know Thine Enemy

Invest in market and competitor research. That will enable you to know what everyone else is doing, so that you can identify what is uniquely yours.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Once you know what differentiates you, think about what you should keep and what you are willing to (or should) let go. Remember, you not only want to be recognised for what you do, but also for being unique in your category, so make your selections with that in mind.

You Are As Good As Your Partner

Use a professional agency (with trusted talent) to help you develop your brand identity. They must be able to translate your brand values into something simple (yet striking), visual and current.

Rome was not Built In A Day

Do not be alarmed if the first draft is nothing like what you had in mind. It takes time, patience and going back to the drawing board (often!) to create your new identity. Be open-minded; listen to what your agency has to say and trust your team and the process.

On Your Marks, Get Set, ‘Logo’

Brand identity is about so much more than just a logo: colours, fonts, spacing, iconography, imagery, brand assets, the list goes on. You want to achieve longevity. So, focus on a digital-first approach by designing for digital and dynamic environments. Then, build the concept out into the static environment.

Design for 2030

Do not perfect your brand identity for everything that your business is today – be a futurist and develop a brand identity for what your business will look like in 2030.

A successful new corporate identity should have impact, differentiate you from the rest and offer ease of application across multiple channels. It should keep the loyalty of your current clients, while attracting new customers with your more relevant and progressive brand.

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