Writing copy for today’s reader is tricky because people are often too rushed to sit down and read an article. Copywriting for an online reader, it is even harder, because you are competing with lots of other content, which is just a click away.

Follow these tips to improve you online copywriting:

1)    Use punchy headlines. Your headline is the hook you use to catch your reader’s interest. A good headline is what you need to get a reader to click on your article in the first place. This means you have to make your headline interesting. However, you shouldn’t bait readers wit headlines that are misleading. If your content does not live up to the expectations set by your headline, your reader will be frustrated and simply leave your site.

2)    Frame your writing. It is very important to write powerful introductions and conclusions. Your introduction should discuss what your article is about so that your reader knows whether they will gain value from reading it. Your conclusion should frame your writing, summarising what you have covered in your post.

3)    Less is more. Keep your content short and simple. If you are able to communicate your message in three paragraphs, don’t use five, because it wastes your reader’s time. This means avoiding long-winded sentences and getting to the point quickly.

4)    Structure you content. Writing that is well structured is easy to follow and understand. You should break your text up into smaller sections that are easy for people to read. Using sub-headings is a good way to structure your writing and they also help your readers to orientate themselves.

5)    Add a human touch. Your reader is another human and you need to write to them with this in mind. This means addressing your reader directly with the use of personal pronouns. You can make your content engaging, by asking your reader questions. You can also invite them to share their ideas with you through your contact page.

6)    Style before SEO. If you are writing with search engine optimisation in mind, which you should be, you must also be weary of following SEO ‘rules’ at the expense of good copy. SEO might get you readers to click on your post by making it come up in search results, but SEO won’t keep them reading.

If you need help writing online content that is engaging and adds value, contact WSI OMS to find out more about our copywriting services today.

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