Emails can be a very effective form of targeted marketing. They have acquired a terrible reputation, however, as many marketers have misused them. Here are 6 tips to avoid the most common pitfalls of email marketing.


1. Get Permission, Get Whitelisted

It’s tempting to try to cast your net wide and expand your mailing list with addresses harvested off the web or bought from brokers. In reality, though, this is a terrible idea. Sending mails to random addresses will only get you consigned to the spam folder and blacklisted. Get permission from all potential recipients. With your permission button, include a request for them to whitelist you, ensuring that you always make it into their Inbox.


2. Make Sure Your Content Is Relevant

Never send any content just for the sake of it. Rather, prioritise quality over quantity, send fewer emails and make sure they include quality content that your recipients will want to read. If you don’t, then they will flag you as a spammer without much hesitation.


3. Deliver on What You Promise

When people click your ‘Subscribe’ button, they do so because you are offering them something from which they expect to receive some kind of value. If they then don’t receive that or you end up giving them something different, they will label you as spam. Always give recipients what you have promised them.


4.Control the Number of Emails You Send

Throwing several emails a day at your mailing list is not a good marketing strategy. You will just annoy recipients to the point that they either unsubscribe, send you to spam or ignore you completely. These are wasted emails. Rather, limit the amount of mail you send, and rather, focus on creating strong content.


5. Keep a Good Text-to-Image Ratio

Try not to send image-heavy emails. Use images sparingly and make sure that each is accompanied by at least a couple of lines of text. Mailchimp’s guideline is to maintain a ratio of 20% image, 80% text.


6. Check Your Authentication Set-Up

ISPs will direct emails according to your authentication records. Make sure that your email server supports the necessary protocols (DKIM, SPF, Sender ID), and run a test to see if they’re all set up properly so that your email goes to the right places.


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