The secret to great web design is to keep evolving and improving. Here are ten tips to improve your website quickly and easily:

  1. Match your company colours. Has your company recently rebranded? Or maybe your web designer decided to get creative with your website colours? Either way, changing your website colours to your company colours is a great way to create unity and connect your brand with your users by making you recognisable.
  2. Add testimonials. When your customers think you did a great job, ask them if they would like to send in a brief testimonial. Display these testimonials in an easy-to-see menu tab and they’ll work just like word-of-mouth advertising without costing you a cent. These testimonials build trust between you and potential customers – and trust is invaluable when it comes to your online reputation.
  3. Use large, quality images. Images create a big, positive impact on customers in a way that words can’t. By adding some appropriate, high-quality images to your website, you will add vibrancy, freshness and visual interest – all of which will cause positive consumer feedback.
  4. Remove irrelevant pages and add a call to action. Every page you have should be advertising a specific action that you’d like your potential customer to take. If your pages are repeating themselves or are looking too thin in terms of usefulness, condense them into fewer, more specific pages and remove the excess. This will make your site faster and easier to navigate. By giving users a call to action on each of the pages where they can easily click and engage your services, you’ll get more consumers more often.
  5. Include social media. If you have social media accounts then make sure that they are clearly linked and advertised on your website. These accounts have become the modern alternative to calling your company and play an influential role in increasing website traffic, so including them on your site can bring some very positive results.
  6. Make your website mobile-friendly. Smart phones and tablets are quickly becoming the dominant medium for internet access. When your website is mobile-friendly, your company and products will be available to millions of users regardless of time, place or technology, giving you greater access to your target market.

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