If you’re in the web design industry, you’ll know that keeping up with the top trends is the best way to grow your skills – and be able to offer your clients the newest, quality product possible.

  1. Full page backgrounds. These backgrounds fill your entire screen behind the website content that you’re browsing, giving the user a complete experience of your brand or product on every page. Always keep in mind that your design has to be user-friendly as well as inspirational, so be sure to make it really clear, attractive and crisp.
  2. Responsive design. This is becoming the top trend in presenting website content, as it enables users to access your website content effectively over multiple platforms, from tablets to different makes of smartphone. Responsive web design relies on coded flexible grids in your website that allows it to load to different screen sizes, meaning that you don’t have to try to create a different website for each specific device – a significant time and money saver.
  3. Parallax and infinite scrolling. Scrolling down a website has been taken to the next level with parallax and infinite scrolling. This trend involves combining multiple backgrounds that appear to move at different speeds, thereby creating a feeling of depth. This effect can go on infinitely, or rather until your content runs out. By combining this effect with a fixed heading, your site visitors can look through your content in an infinite stream while still having your website functions close at hand.
  4. QR codes. These small barcode-like images can link your users to any information that you choose that can be transmitted through the Internet. The possibilities for this are very wide-ranging, from incentivising in-store customers to look at online content, managing promotions, purchasing products and enhancing advertising campaigns. With these codes, you are aiming at smartphone and tablet users, the fastest growing section of Internet users worldwide and a very appealing consumer market.
  5. HTML5. While Flash is still a large component in current web design, HTML5 is gaining popularity quickly. In terms of browser support, Techrepublic website says that HTML5 is gaining 10% browser support per year – a rapid growth rate that could see it becoming dominant in the next few years. The biggest advantage of HTML5 is that it opens web technology that requires no plugin, making browsing your website a more user-friendly experience.

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