Creating a website that best showcases your products and services can be tricky, especially if design is not a core function of your business. Here are a few web design faux paus that you should avoid to make sure your website is pleasing to look at and easy to navigate.

1) Don’t overload your visitors

According to research, most users will leave your site if they don’t find the information they are looking for within seconds. This means you need to communicate your message simply, without over filling the page with information and illustrations.

2) Don’t overlook search

Often visitors to your website found you via a search engine. If you want them to stay on your site, you should consider including a search engine on your site. This allows them to search the content on your website for the information they want, instead of leaving your site and trying their luck on Google.

3) Don’t copy

You want your website to make you stand out, so don’t copy your competitors. Make sure your web design is unique and reinforces your brand, instead of echoing your competitors.

4) Less is more

Don’t overload your site with fancy graphics. If your website takes too long to load, you users will simply go somewhere else. A simple design is often a lot more striking than complicated graphics.

5)    Equal font sizes are a no-no

Apart from being visually boring, having everything in the same size font makes it very hard for your users identify headings and tabs on your site. Font sizes should be used to indicate a hierarchy of information, for example in main headings and sub headings. Tabs and menus should also be emphasised with a large font so that they are easy to spot.

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