It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to writing. Copywriting isn’t the same as web design – where there are new tools and tutorials to work through each week, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to boost your own skills every now and then. Here are some interesting tips to immediately become a better copywriter:

Write “tight” copy

Copywriting should be done in a concise and clear manner. Tight, easy to read pieces that get straight to the point are better to read than long and involved ones. A good rule of thumb is that the longer the article, the less attentive the reader will be.

Change the line length

Change your page layout so that it is slightly less than the standard width. This will help the readers absorb the central message of the piece because the line length is shorter – the optimum line length is 45 characters. Remember to use plenty of paragraph breaks.

Break it down into steps

People can process several bits of information at a time, but it’s better to break down the content into bite-size pieces. Include three bullet points or three steps in your article. This will capture your reader’s attention and they will be able to remember what they just read.

Make your copy more readable

The text should be broken up into easily read chunks because readers find large pieces of text unappealing and difficult to digest. It is a good idea to keep paragraphs to an average of three sentences and adding bullet points and subheadings can assist in making the text more readable.

Stay focused

Maintain focus throughout the article. It is often easy to get side tracked and wander off into irrelevant areas and this can confuse readers as they cannot discern the main point of the article. Building an outline of an article can assist in keeping the copywriting on point and focused.

Improving your writing will boost readership and increase the number of people who eagerly anticipate your blog article.

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