Building a strong social media presence is hard work and it takes time. Yet even the most well-established presence can be tarnished in a second by a single post. If you are posting, have posted or are planning to post any of the following five types of social media content, you should stop yourself straight away.

1. Hard-Sell Promotion

Yes, you’re trying to promote yourself or your product… But, your social media channels are not the right platforms for heavy selling. Keep it fun, personal and conversational while gently raising awareness of what you do. Your friends and followers will not appreciate attempts to shove your services down their throats.

2. Viral Content That People Have Seen Elsewhere

Your social media schedule tells you need to post now and you’re low on content. So, you grab a viral piece of topicality, that somewhat relates to your goals and strategy, and quickly post it. Big mistake. You can rest assured that your audience has already seen it and any reputation you have built for good, original content has just taken a serious knock.

3. Negative Content

It’s never a good time to criticise your competitors or say something that might make your clients and prospective customers feel bad. Don’t draw attention to your competitors at all. And, always make your clients feel good. Simple.

4. Off-Brand” Posts

If you have properly devised your social media strategy in line with your overall marketing aims, you should be posting content that is consistent with your brand’s look, feel and voice. Avoid posting anything that doesn’t fit these. It will strike your audience’s ear like a musician playing a bad note and will be a definite black mark against your name.

5. Copied and Pasted Content Across All Platforms

It’s tempting to try and kill several birds with one stone by just posting the same message across all your social media accounts. This is definitely a mistake, however. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all facilitate different kinds of messages and communication styles. You need to bear this in mind and tailor your message to each one.

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