Want to make sure your PPC ads resonate with your audience? Then read this advice:

  1. Expert Product Knowledge

If people are clicking on paid ads in Google, then the chance is good that they already have a pretty good idea of what they are interested in buying. One of the things that can frustrate a potential buyer is when they realise that the person who is selling to them doesn’t understand the ins-and-outs of the product they are advertising. Even if you’re hiring a professional copywriter, make sure the writer of the ads understands the product and has all the technical specifications he or she needs to write the ad.

  1. Use the Same Language as Your Audience

Understanding and using the industry jargon and the buzzwords that your potential buyers use is important when it comes to ensure your PPC ads resonate with your audience. Also keep this in mind when targeting specific geographies, because the slang name for a city or town may be different than the Google Maps description. Use the same language as your audience to make your ads stand out.

  1. Solve a Problem

Does your potential buyer know that they have a problem? Write down what the buyer will gain from using your product and how you can solve their problem for them. Make sure that this information is included in your ad copy in a concise way.

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