The backbone of social media marketing is in having great content to share on your newsfeeds, as well as great and catchy anchor texts to attract readers to links from external sources. From the short snippets that dominated the social network arena for a long time, there is pressure to create longer posts which drive better user engagement.

Crafting an expertly written, catchy and informative post given a limited number of characters (on Twitter) or no limit (e.g. Facebook) is achievable if you follow these simple tips.

  1. Create share-able posts

For short as well as longer posts, ensure that your posts create enough value to drive your audience to share them within their audiences. You can gain shareability by:

  • Building trust – include citations and references for longer posts
  • Share data – include statistics and numbers to back what you’re saying. Visual data representations are even better
  • Mobile friendliness – Mobile marketing is the future of digital marketing, so ensure your content has been optimized for mobile, which is how a majority of active social users access their accounts
  1. Purposeful posting

You should have a reason greater than just building your brand. Demonstrate to your audience that you’re sharing because you care for their needs. Ensure your longer posts stay within topic and address genuine concerns experienced by your audience.

  1. Great headlines

Great headlines are the key to audience attraction for all kinds of content. You may have great content, but you have exactly three seconds to get your audience interested by carefully selecting a headline that will elicit interest from them.

  1. Longer performs better

From Google to email marketing to social media content, longer content performs better than shorter content. When you have more content, more of it is available for indexing giving you a better chance at good performance.

  1. Long-tail keywords

If you’re not character-limited, go for longer posts which allow you to target long tail keywords which are more effective and convert better.

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