Email newsletters are a great way for people to get a sample of the content and updates from a company. People generally subscribe to newsletters if they want to receive information about a brand. However, they don’t want constant blasts of short information. So, the way you structure your email newsletters has to be carefully thought-out. Here are a few tips to make sure your newsletters are a hit:


Plan the Content

Earmark around three to five different topics that you want to include in each newsletter. This can include your most recent content such as blog posts or curated content and company updates. The layout of your newsletter should be in sections because people don’t read a newsletter from left to right like a book. Make sure they can see which section they want to click on for more information.


Keep It Brief

People don’t want to spend an hour reading a company’s newsletters. Keep your content brief and relevant so that people are able to skim through the content to find the information they need.


Create an Intriguing Subject Line

The subject line is the first impression of your email newsletter. Keep it short and tell a person what they can expect to find in your newsletters.


Use a Familiar “From” Name

Whether you are using a brand name or a company name, make sure recipients can immediately see who the mail is from.


Segment and Personalize Content

Segment your customers into like-minded groups so that you can send them content that speaks to their purchasing history, demographics and needs.


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