Instagram is all about looking good. So, the more aesthetically pleasing your feed is, the more likely you are to attract followers. Except, it is not always that simple. With the increasing number of users and brands on the platform, having unique content is just as important as ‘looking pretty’ if you want to stand out. With these tips, we will help you strike a balance and create a stunning Instagram feed.  


  • Know Your Target Audience


If you know who you are speaking to, then you will know what to say. Making sure your content is relevant is vital to not only attract customers, but also to keep them. One way to help organise the types of content for your target audience is using “content buckets”. Content buckets (or content pillars) are defined topics/themes that identify the types of posts your audience would love to see.


  • Use Content Pillars


Content pillars are also a great tool to streamline your brand’s message on Instagram by focusing on key themes and topics that resonate with your target audience. For example, a business can establish a few core themes for their content such as:

  • Products and services,
  • Company culture, and
  • Customer activation.

Under these main themes, they can include topics like ‘store locations’, ‘service offerings’ and ‘product features’ under Products and Services. From there they can decide the specific types of content to feature, whether it is video, GIFs, still images, etc.


  • Choose An Overarching Instagram Aesthetic


Five seconds is all you have to convert users into followers, so first impressions count. That is why having an appropriate and consistent aesthetic for your feed are important. Depending on your brand personality, you might go for something dark and sultry, sleek and minimalist or bright with lots of natural lighting. Whatever it is, make sure it is aligned with your brand.

Rope In A Graphic Designer

Great design is important, so it is worth it to get a graphic designer involved when establishing your Instagram aesthetic. They can ensure your feed is on-brand by giving your posts visual consistency.

Designers are also able to look at the nitty gritty of whether you have the correct colours or fonts and if your posts are easy to read.


  • Promote Your Products Like A Pro


Used the right way, Instagram can act as a trendy catalogue for your products. Here are a few examples of how you can get creative with your product posts:

  • Product Shots:

These highlight the product on its own. For these, it is great to use a simple mono-coloured background.

  • Micro-Shots:

These are close-ups of things that you want to draw attention to. They create focus and attention to detail. Micro shots are perfect to communicate what your product is all about.

  • Macro-Shots:

These place your product in a broader context and create associations about where and when it can be used. For example, a pair of hiking boots in a forest.

  • Flatlays:

Flatlays are photos that are taken from a top-down angle. They showcase a carefully styled setting like an office table or food.

  • Instructionals:

These can be short ‘how-to’ videos on how your products should be used.

If you want to get the best out of your Instagram marketing strategy, contact WSI OMS today and request more information on our social media services.

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