The internet is continuously evolving, times are changing, and the style of digital marketing and website presentations is constantly changing. Here is a quick way to check if your website needs an updated, modern look that can attract and maintain viewers:

  • When last has your website been updated? Is the same information, in the same style and manner still showing, as when it was first setup? Studies have shown that if your website looks and works the same way it for over 3 years, it may send out the wrong perception, of the business being outdated and unable to provide the needs the viewer is looking for. A fresher look may give viewers a reason to come back.
  • Does your website still run on a “doctype” browser? Browsers have changed, search engines have changed. Most popular browser types to use are HTML4 or XHTML transitional.
  • Is the layout of your website, a table based layout? A more modern method for layout is CSS. Most businesses make use of this method to define layout, instead of the older versions of <td>tags or <th> tags or <tr> tags. It may also make it more difficult for search engines to pick up your website.
  • Is your website designed to fit any screen? Previously, websites were designed to fit monitor screens of 800 (wide) x 600 (High) resolutions. Modern day gadgets, allows one to view any website on any screen, mobile and desktop. Upgrading to a newer layout and design gives your business a chance in today’s fast paced society of internet users.
  • Does your website make use of a built in flash? Many websites use of video,  JQuery or Javascript layouts, instead of older versions such as flash. Search engines have also evolved in such a way that websites with built in flash layouts are no longer picked up, which lessens the chances your marketing potential.

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