When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, the game is always changing. Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing are always updating their algorithms, which means that digital marketers need to continuously innovate and find new ways to get (and maintain) their clients’ search engine rankings.

We’ve gathered some useful tools that you will need for your SEO strategy:     

Research tools

There’s no way your SEO strategy will work if you’re not spending time researching the various keyword options. Here are a few research tools you need to know about:

  • Google Adwords
  • KeywordSpy (to track what your competitors are doing)
  • Market Samurai (to find niche long tail keywords)


People don’t like waiting for pages to load and Google knows this. If you want to improve your search results, your pages need to load quickly. Use Google PageSpeed to find out where you can improve the loading time of your pages.

Internal Linking

Internal linking (the keywords used to link various pages within a website) is also very important for SEO purposes – and it also makes your website more ‘sticky’ because it increases the likelihood of users staying on your website for longer. Use SEO Powersuite-Website Auditor to help you with internal linking.

External linking

You’ve probably guessed that external linking is just as important as internal link building. Make sure link prospects (the sites you’re considering exchanging links with) are high quality by using Ontolo.

Always improve and expand your SEO strategy

The most important thing is to never stagnate. Stay on top of new trends and improve your SEO strategy by reading the right blogs and following the right digital marketers on Twitter.

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