Making a success of your clients’ social media marketing and, more specifically, a social media marketing strategy means adhering to certain principles. We take a look at these all-important customer service principles below.

Sell, sell, sell 

Yes, you want to increase your client’s following and gather as many likes and shares as possible. However, social media marketing also gives you the chance to forward your digital marketing efforts and convince people to buy your client’s product. In instances like this, promoted posts could work wonders.

Change it up

Don’t keep trying to sell the same offer. Keep mixing it up and offering social media followers deals and specials that they can’t refuse. The faster they realise that the offers aren’t valid forever, the faster they will be to act in the future.

Clear calls to action

Don’t waste your online advertising spend on promoting social posts that don’t have a clear call to action. If you want your followers to share a post, ask them directly. If you want them to visit your client’s website, tell them directly.

Measure results

If you aren’t sure how well your efforts are being received, how are you going to know whether to make changes or not? Keep an eye on social media marketing ROI at all times.

Make decisions according to results

It doesn’t matter if a social media guru says that one aspect of social media marketing works for everybody. The only way to know what works for each client is to keep track of each company’s personal results and making decisions from there.

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