As consumers increasingly turn to a wide variety of different devices in order to browse the Internet, so web design techniques like responsive web design have evolved to cater to the needs of users. Although responsive web design has recently become a very popular option, myths about this design style are very common, including:

  1. It will result in the same version of your website on any device. This is practically impossible due to different screen designs. Essentially, responsive web design will automatically choose particular content to show on different devices without designers having to build hundreds of different sites. This means that certain content (including text) will be prioritised in order to give the user a smooth, useful experience of your products and services, while, for example, pictures that will not show up well on small screens are removed.
  2. It results in lower performance. This is primarily an issue only with sites that demand high bandwidth usage in order to operate, where performance is already compromised for users that have anything less than the best connection. By refusing to redesign the website for low-bandwidth users as well as multiple devices, these sites are missing out on an even wider range of Internet users.
  3. It is only about mobile devices. When people think of responsive web design, they think of mobile devices. While it’s true that these devices are a driving force behind responsive design, they are not the only benefactors – these designs are for every screen size, from every size television screen to the smallest device with browsing capabilities.
  4. Responsive sites are slower. Responsive sites will load the entire website onto the device and then hide elements that are inappropriate for that particular device. In some cases, this may result in a slower load time, but designing from mobile-first upwards can rectify a lot of these issues.
  5. It is too expensive to be worth it. Yes, it’s true that building responsive websites does incur higher costs initially, but the resulting returns far outweigh this initial investment. The opportunity costs of having a website that cannot be read or accessed on different devices are huge and businesses are missing out on visibility, consumers and profits by sticking to unresponsive sites.

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