There are many misguided beliefs about local SEO. Here we have busted some of the top myths:

  1. A Google listing is all that you need

As with all types of digital marketing efforts, there’s not a single thing you can do to magically boost your rankings. Local SEO algorithms are complex and while claiming your Google listing is a step in the right direction, it’s definitely not all that is needed. If you have just kick-started your local SEO efforts, then be sure to claim your Google Business Listing as this will ensure that your company’s page shows up in Google maps.

  1. You need citations instead of links

We’ve seen a few digital marketers claim that link building is old news and citations are in. The truth is that both are still needed, but you need to focus on quality links as well as citations instead of going out and trying to get as many links and citations as possible.

  1. Social signals aren’t important

It’s still not easy to determine the exact impact that social media can have on your local SEO results, but social signals definitely matter. When you post content to social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, you will be able to generate traffic from the backlinks that are created. These signals are all important queues for search engines to determine your authority.

  1. A once-off local SEO effort is enough

No it isn’t. Local SEO is an ongoing task and many digital marketers forget the important maintenance that sites need in order to avoid link degradation, updating website pages to be in line with evolving search engine algorithms and staying on top of what your competition is doing.

  1. Ranking in the top spot for one magical keyword is the goal

Many times, a client will have a single umbrella term that they want to rank #1 for. This isn’t a good way to go about local SEO. Make sure you are targeting a variety of keywords and phrases that not only make sense for search engines and web crawlers, but also your customers.

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