Copywriting styles tend to fall into several different categories. Here are just 5 styles that can help you reach your audience more creatively and effectively:

  1. Basic. Also known as plain copy, this is a no-frills, gimmick-free presentation of the facts. You will see this copy on websites where you have to give the consumer the necessary facts and figures about a product or service in order for them to make an informed decision. Although this copy is not particularly exciting to read, it is essential to producing a credible, objective source of information for the consumer.
  2. Conversational. This type of copy relies on the concept of two or more people getting together and discussing an issue and how to solve it. Here, a copywriter will write as though they are speaking directly to the reader, resulting in very natural, human copy that is lacking in formality and jargon – a style that consumers identify with very strongly.
  3. Storytelling. This is the kind of copy where you get a personal experience driving a particular product or service. This is very effective copy, as the reader can identify strongly on a personal with the character in the story and the problem that they are experiencing. Because the character finds a particular product or service that solves their issue, this promotes the same product or service to a reader who has a similar issue and identifies with your story.
  4. Imaginative. This form of copywriting is where the writer plays on the consumer’s desire for fantasy. By imagining an idealistic world or scenario, the writer is tapping into our very human desires for perfection – whether this is the perfect home, body or holiday.
  5. Authoritative. This copy is backed by the voice of an expert or authority figure, lending it credibility and almost automatic respect. A letter from the company’s CEO that endorses a programme or service that the company supplies also gives the company a human face through the appearance of a one-on-one personal communication between the reader and the company founder.

By choosing and combining these style tips, you can enhance your copywriting skills and reach more readers with creative, engaging writing.

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