When online copywriting is done correctly, you will hold your audience’s attention and persuade them to take the course of action you are advocating. When it’s done poorly, your audience will leave before even looking at your main argument. Here are 5 great tips on how to make sure your copywriting is getting your point across:

  1. Have an attention-grabbing headline. No matter the quality of your content, a boring headline will never get the attention of your readers long enough for them to even read it. Create snappy headlines that contain practical, attractive detail about your content. You want your readers to gain enough curiosity from your headline that they will need to continue reading.
  2. Clarity is vital. Your content needs to be clear, unambiguous and detailed. This is especially true if you are writing business content. Your reader wants a lot of detailed information simply and quickly. Bullet points or lists can help you to get this information to them quickly, without any extra filler to wade through.
  3.  Be persuasive. Rather than a hard-sell approach, give your readers information that will persuade them to think of your product or service. Instead of telling them what they should do, tell them what you can do for them – how can your business make their lives easier or better.
  4. Positive language. Focus on how you can fix a potential client’s issue rather than telling them that your competitor can’t or won’t help them. Positivity will help your reader associate you with leadership, expertise and helpfulness, while negative techniques are more likely to depress than inspire your readers.
  5. Rapport. Because your copywriting takes place on the internet, you have a unique ability to communicate directly with the people who will read your articles. Having a comments section where you can personally reply to reader’s concerns or praise is a great way of building a customer relationship. It can also give you some great ideas for new topics to discuss.

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