In digital marketing, trends change rapidly and non-stop. There is always some new technique, software, algorithm change or expert opinion to take into consideration. With the end of this year fast approaching, we’re looking at some important trends that digital marketers need to be aware of for the year to come.


The Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020:

Messaging Apps

With the introduction of Whatsapp for Business and similar features on messaging apps, digital marketing has found a way to become even more personal. Businesses can now manage a multitude of interactions through these apps, including digital marketing. The ability to create targeted groups, share promotions, host flash sales and bring a personal touch to all these messages is highly valuable to digital marketers, and we predict a steady uptake in using messaging apps for various digital marketing purposes.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Experts predict massive growth in the use of AI in managing the customer experience by implementing chatbots to drive targeted marketing interactions and manage customer queries. Chatbots can provide real-time feedback to questions without any delay or bias and in this space, they far outperform their human counterparts (who suffer from the normal side effects of being human). 

Hyper Targeting

Companies investing in digital marketing expect to see results from their efforts.  Hyper targeting turns customer insights into personalised messages to ensure that niche messages reach the correct audience, which improves the return on investment. It also creates brand awareness in the correct way by avoiding customers outside of the target market who may become brand-averse through repeated exposure to unsuitable messaging.

Content Marketing 

It shouldn’t be news that content marketing is still a hot topic in digital marketing. The trends in this area are based on the type and format of content marketing. Interactive content and video content are set to take the lead in content marketing. These types of content are engaging, transparent and easy to digest. Consumption of live videos on social media is on the upswing as influencers and content creators become more comfortable in the medium, and consumers are actively seeking to engage with creators they follow in this space. 

Shoppable Posts and AR/VR Experiences

Digital marketing meets online shopping in the advent of social media posts that link to e-commerce stores. The idea is to create a seamless experience by showcasing products, enabling the customer to try on the item (or view it in their own home) through AR/VR technology and simplifying the purchase process. Instead of looking at a digital catalogue, the virtual shopping experience is even closer to real life, and that is a powerful extension of digital marketing. Early adopters will be large retail brands due to the large investment it would take to implement virtual reality into the shopping experience. 

The digital marketing landscape for the next year already promises great advancement, and we’re excited to discover trends that the industry might have not been able to predict yet.  For more information on digital marketing trends for social media marketing, mobile marketing and email marketing contact us today.

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