A lot has changed in the world of web design this year. The question is, have you been quick enough when it comes to embracing the latest web design trends in order to reap the benefits? If not, here is what you should be doing before the year-end. 

Go Big or Go Home 

Research has shown that wide designs for desktops promote higher user engagement numbers. These wider designs allow for quality, eye-catching imagery and a crisp, clean aesthetic that makes a brand all the more relatable. 

Adopt a Mobile-First Policy 

Ensure that your website is able to adapt to any device that may be used to browse it – mobile phones, in particular. It is a fact that mobile phones accounted for more than half of all website traffic in 2019, and these numbers are set to continue to climb year upon year. 

Video Content

2014 saw blogging take off as the most important type of content any website could have. In 2019, the focus has shifted over to video content. Video content, from product demos to testimonials, is sure to have a positive effect on any consumer interested in what your business has to offer. Do your best to post new video content on a regular basis to see a drastic improvement in your website’s SEO rankings

Black and White Palettes 

Minimalism has taken over the world. We see it in food, décor, fashion and, now, web design. Many on-trend websites are embracing the simplistic, yet impactful black and white palette. The overall aesthetic is striking and daring, ultimately drawing more attention to textures and shapes in the design. 

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