WSI regularly helps business people, entrepreneurs, and professionals (see an example of Cheryl Potgieter) improve their visibility on LinkedIn. As the leading social media platform for business people, having a compelling profile is only the first step. Here are four ways to boost your visibility on LinkedIn:

  1. Completing Your Professional Profile

If you want to make sure your potential clients and business contacts can find you on LinkedIn, you need a complete, professional profile. If you have blank sections in your profile, set some time aside to fill out everything from your summary to the professional associations you belong to. Make sure you have a high quality, professional photo on your profile.

  1. Ask for Recommendations

It is one thing to say that you are an expert in IT, accounting or software development and a completely different thing if other people are recommending you for these services. Ask people whom you have done business with and worked with before to recommend the skills you are listing on your profile. This not only adds credibility to your LinkedIn profile, it will also increase the level of comfort someone will feel about contacting you for those services.

  1. Endorse the Skills of Colleagues & Friends

When you endorse your colleagues and friends for their skills, you are supporting their LinkedIn profiles and marketing endeavors – it is essentially seen as a good deed. Cheryl Potgieter has come to see that people who are on the receiving end of your good deeds are likely to click on your profile and endorse your skills, which will, in turn, boost your LinkedIn profile’s visibility.

  1. Link Your Other Social Channels

Add a link to your Twitter profile on your LinkedIn page. Be sure to share relevant, interesting and thought-provoking content related to your industry on both of these platforms. By connecting with people on multiple platforms, you will stay top of mind in a client or connection’s mind.

If you need help to improve your visibility on LinkedIn like Cheryl Potgieter, then contact us today.

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