In the past, you might have had one or two sales representatives sourcing business and following up with leads. As digital marketing becomes more sophisticated and complex, however, you are creating more customer data that can be used to help you automate your marketing strategies. Here are four useful ways that you can automate your social media, mobile, content and other digital strategies:

Integration with sales

Your marketing automation and sales team need to go hand in hand. Open the lines of communication so that your marketing team is aware of the type of content that is needed at each step of the sales funnel. Also ensure that your web analytics and marketing team are providing sales reps with important stats and customer feedback information so that they can follow up with hot leads.

Email campaigns

Emails are still one of the most preferred types of communication methods. Create drip email campaigns with highly targeted content so that you can continue to engage with potential customers that showed interest in your website, exhibition stand or any other market touchpoint that you have.

Landing pages

Some people think they should only be creating landing pages if they are embarking on a paid search advertising campaign. Landing pages should be created to provide relevant, valuable and targeted content in exchange for contact information.

Testing and optimizing

Marketing automation strategies should be revised and continuously improved upon so that you know which landing pages, headlines and email copy are working well.

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