Email marketing is used to maintain regular contact with customers, remind them of your business and share more about the products and services you offer. The aim is to foster positive engagement with your brand and keep customers interested and subscribed.

Identifying the reasons for people unsubscribing from your email marketing list is key. Here are four tips on what to do to keep them interested:

1. Keep Subject Lines Simple 

Overuse of caps, emojis, exclamation points and keywords such as “free”, ”give away”, “sex”, “deposit”, and the like, can identify your email as spam and move it to your junk folder. It may even cause your reader to hit the unsubscribe button.

2. Write Clear and Concise Content

Your content should have a clear and concise purpose, which starts with the subject line, is carried through in the following paragraph and continues to be elaborated on throughout the email body. Finally, your message or point should be brought to a strong conclusion in your CTA.

3. Give Customers What They Expect

Your reader opens the email, intrigued by what is offered and clicks on the CTA link in the hopes of finding that something amazing, which was promised to them. At this point, if they are unhappy with what they find, they will hit the unsubscribe button without a doubt. Your subscriber needs you to deliver on what you promised – each and every time!

4. Make the Unsubscribe Option Inconspicuous 

Legally an unsubscribe option is required in your content marketing, but this can be done in less obvious ways. You don’t want to make unsubscribing too easy. Try writing it in a smaller font next to other options such as “please provide feedback”. Another tip is to not allow too much white space around it.

Email Marketing Automation Can Pinpoint the Best Times to Reach out to Customers 

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