Mobile loyalty programmes have become a crucial element of companies’ mobile marketing strategies – and with more people using mobile phones to access the Internet and make purchases; it’s easy to see why. Once you’ve created a mobile loyalty app, you can start reaching out to your best customers by offering them special deals, exclusive coupons, incentives on certain products and services and more. People now use their mobile phones to access the Internet, browse and make purchases more frequently than ever before and the evidence shows that loyalty communications have a much higher open rate than traditional communications.

How to engage customers using a mobile loyalty programme:

  • Coupons, coupons, coupons! Make it known that when a customer downloads your mobile loyalty app, they will have access to special coupons.
  • Offer discounts for people who make a certain number of purchases per month. If you have people who are making three or more purchases a month, you can offer them a big discount on their next purchase or maybe even a freebie. Frequent shoppers should be rewarded.
  • If your mobile loyalty app is new, use your social media pages and e-newsletter to advertise it to your customers. No one is going to download your app if they don’t know it exists, so use your current online presence to get the word out.
  • Do something special for birthdays. Whether it’s a coupon for a free product or service or some other special offer, people like to be treated on their special day.

Another reason mobile loyalty programmes are effective is because customers have to choose to download the app, meaning that they opt-in to the communications that come along with the app. It’s much different than blasting an e-newsletter out to people who may not want it and many customers look forward to communications that include discounts, coupons and special deals.

With a smartly designed mobile loyalty programme, you’ll give your customers the ultimate convenience and keep them coming back for more! Contact WSI today or visit our website to find out more about our mobile marketing services.

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