Is your digital strategy harming or helping your online reputation? Here are 4 customer service mistakes to avoid in the digital age:

Deleting Negative Feedback

Many of the brands who are leading in the digital space know that this is a definite no-no. If a customer complains about service or posts a negative comment on your page, you should not delete it (unless it is highly offensive and full of profane language). The best action to take is to respond publicly, so that people can see that you take negative experiences with your brand seriously. Ask the person for more information so that you can solve the problem for them.

Not Creating A Seamless Experience

If a person complains about a brand on Facebook and someone like a social media manager follows up with them on this platform, they expect to not have to explain the entire problem from the beginning to a new person. If you are directing complaints to a customer service centre or a product specialist, give the person the necessary background that is needed to solve the customer’s problem.

Misleading Information

If communication in your business units is lacking, having a digital marketing team can create a divide from other departments, such as a sales team or an above-the-line marketing team. If your business is advertising an in-store promotion, then this information should be available on your digital platforms such as your website, blog, and/or social media platforms as well. Promotional information and pricing information need to be consistent on all your platforms. If not, your customers may feel that they are being misled.

Poor Grammar

Not everyone is a copywriter, but this does not mean that you should make peace with spelling and grammar errors in your business. Everyone – from your customer experience agents to your social media managers – needs to be able to communicate fluently in the languages that your customers speak.

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