After a bit of searching on the internet, I came across a couple of Ebooks and White Papers regarding “Social Media”.  In the Social Media industry I have learnt that you can never have too much information as Social Media is the next frontier in global and local marketing.

You can always find tips and techniques from blogs and forums regarding “Social Media” and “SEO”, but  I have found that the right Ebooks and White Papers contains the depth to cover more intricate topics.

This list is from respectable sources and it is available free in order for them to gain recognition as experts in the industry. So this is a win win situation.

  1. The New Rules of Viral MarketingDavid Meerman Scott
  2. Marketing
  3. Masters of MarketingStartup Internet Marketing
  4. Podcast Marketing eBookChristopher S. Penn
  5. Google Adwords SecretsSEOBook
  6. Get Viral Get VisitorsStacie Mahoe
  7. Marketing With Case StudiesDynamic Copywriting
  8. How to Write a Marketing PlanGeisheker Group
  9. SEO for WordPress blogsBlizzard Internet
  10. Social Web AnalyticsSocial Web Analytics
  11. Geeks Guide to Promoting Yourself With TwitterGeekpreneur
  12. The Zen of BloggingHunter Nutall
  13. What is Social MediaiCrossing
  14. A Primer in Social MediaSmashLab
  15. Effective Internet PresenceEffective Internet Presence
  16. Introduction to Good UsabilityPeter Pixel
  17. Increasing the Response to Your Email Marketing ProgramCRM Transformation
  18. We Have a Website. Now What?Craig Rentmeester
  19. Blogs & Social MediaPRSA
  20. The Podcast Customer RevealedEdison Media Research
  21. Social Media Marketing Industry Report
  22. Conversation Agent: Marketing in 2009 (free eBook)
  23. The Social Pulpit Barack Obama’s Social Media Toolkit
  24. A geek’s Guide To Promoting Yourself and Your Online Business in 140 Characters or Less with Twitter
  25. The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II
  26. Blogs and Social Media
  27. How to Start a Business Blog: Free Ebook
  28. The New Rules of Business Blogs
  29. Benefits of Business Blogging Cheat Sheat – BlogFire Studios
  30. The New Rules of Viral Marketing (2008)
  31. A Social Media Guide from the Edge
  32. Social Media Marketing Kit
  33. User-Generated Content & Social Media
  34. New Media, New Influencers, and Implications for the Public Relations Profession
  35. Template for Social Media Press Release | PRactical P.R. Blog
  36. Social Media and Social Network Starting Points |
  37. What is Social Media
  38. Customer Service, The Art of Listening and Engagement Through Social Media