How is the world of website design changing? Here are three web design trends to consider:



Typography has changed along with user behaviour. Bold typography design helps highlight headlines and sub headings. Being bold is different to being distracting. Be sure to only use fonts and sizes that support your content and purpose (don’t try to overcomplicate these elements for the sake of graphic design).


Cinemagraphs, gifs and UI animations

There is a massive drive for mobile first design, which means that load times have to be considered when designing a website and uploading content to the site. Search engines are penalising sites with slow loading speeds, which is why things like cinemagraphs, gifs and UI animations are becoming increasingly popular. Videos increase the load times of pages, but the aforementioned video alternatives are quicker to load. Concentration times are also becoming shorter and video formats are a great way to get information across quickly and in a digestible way.


Intelligent chatbots and language processing

Intelligent chatbots have become a must-have in many industries. People expect to be able to get information from a chatbot instead of having to pick up their phone to call a business or send the business a message on the site.


A chatbot is something that has to be considered in a web design. The chatbot messaging box shouldn’t detract from your other design elements and content, and people should be able to continue browsing your site when they are asking questions or chatting on the site.


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