Want to learn how to make money from your YouTube channel? Then this blog post is for you. Whether you have 100 or 100 000 subscribers on your channel, you would obviously like to be rewarded. Here are a few ways that you can turn your YouTube channel into an income generating machine:

  1. Super Chat

YouTube brought in this feature a while ago and it is quickly gaining momentum. Super Chat is where people can buy a chat on your live stream so that their chat is pinned at the top of your video for other people to see. This is only available in certain countries at the moment but it will be rolled out globally in the future.

  1. Product Reviews And Affiliate Sales

This is where you would review a product and have a link to the product in your video or your video’s description. You would then get a commission for the sale based on clicks or conversions from your YouTube video. This is particularly popular in the electronics niche. If reviewing products is your thing, then this should definitely be added to your channel so that you can get additional revenue from other websites.

  1. Brand Deals And Influencer Marketing

This is relevant to bigger YouTube channels as well as smaller channels in very focused niches. The more focused you are in a particular niche, the more attractive you will be for specific brands. Famebit.com and Socialbluebook.com allow you to see what’s available and approach brands with a proposal.

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