Social media plays an integral part in your company’s digital reputation and should, therefore, have priority placement in your digital marketing strategy. If you’re wondering how to dominate the social media sphere starting from next year, here are a few predictions in terms of what to expect. 

Instagram Will Remove its ‘likes’ Functionality

We hear you! How will brands measure the impact of a campaign if they cannot see the exact number of how many people liked a post? Not with ease! Brands will have one of two options to ensure that their campaign success is still measurable: 

      1. Run Instagram ads, or 
      2. Pay an influencer.

Running Instagram ads will probably be a safer option. Instagram seemed to be serious about getting rid of this functionality, claiming that it is for the greater good. In reality, it is a move that will likely see a sizable increase in the platform’s bottom line. However, if this change does come into effect, advertisers are also potentially going to set their sights on making their mark on another platform altogether. The final decision is said to be released early next year. 

Social Will Start Affecting Search 

There has been much debate over just how much a company’s social media following and reputation affects its SEO rankings. In 2020, it is predicted that social will start having a much more powerful and noticeable effect on search results. This means that brands should start working on improving their social media presence now in order to benefit. 

Free Social Media Scheduling Tools 

There is talk amongst digital marketing professionals that Google may soon introduce a free social media scheduling tool. If this is indeed true, brands’ social media related expenses are sure to decrease quite substantially, leaving them with more budget for paid advertising. 

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