Generating leads through social media isn’t as simple as starting a blog or Facebook page and posting content. Social media mistakes can kill your hard work and worse yet – they’re easy to avoid. Here are my top 3 mistakes to avoid, and what they do to turn off your customers.

1. Not being reachable

If a customer’s Tweet or message goes unanswered for more than a day you will be setting a bad example of the customer service at your business. Would you let a call sit on your switchboard for more than a day? Of course not. Stay on top of messages from your customers and let them know they’re important.

2. Content that is too much like advertising

This is another instance of being unreachable, only it is setting yourself up as such from the beginning. If you write blog posts that belong in one of those advertisements that try to blend in with magazines by copying their typeface and style, you may fool people for a few moments, but you will not keep them. The goal is to educate and entertain your online community with content and engagement, not to hard sell your products on social media.

3. Lack of visual content

Not having photos and video of what you’re talking about is one of those social media mistakes you can easily avoid. One photo alone can be enough to give your customer that last piece of information they need to convert them from a lead to a sale.

These are just a few of many types of social media mistakes you could be making. Turn to the experts WSI OMS for further mistakes to avoid.