Great copywriting goes a long way, especially online. Quality content is the most effective way to grab your audience’s attention and keep it. Sadly, most businesses don’t realise the power of great copywriting to inform, engage and eventually convert readers into paying customers. So here are a few reasons why you should invest in better copy for your website:

There is More to Your Website Than Its Visual Appeal

It is important to have a website that looks great, it does the hard work of making a good first impression on your audience. But, even though a pretty face will grab your reader’s attention, it won’t keep them interested. Great copywriting ensures that once the visual appeal wears off, the reader will find the information they’re looking for, while getting a clear sense of what your brand and business is about.

Great Copywriting Boosts Your SEO Rankings

Every business wants that top spot in the Google rankings, it increases visibility and improves your chances of winning new customers. Keywords are necessary for Search Engine Optimisation but stuffing them into your web copy will make your content impossible to understand or relate to. Great copywriting satisfies both the search engine and the reader:

  • It shows Google that you’re a credible source with high-quality content, and
  • It ensures your content is relevant and informative to your readers. 

It is Your Best Salesperson

Great copy sells. And it does so without your customer knowing. It serves three important functions:

  • It gives your brand a voice and makes it sound human,
  • It builds familiarity and trust with your reader, and
  • It communicates your company’s products and services in a memorable way.

It ultimately has the power to convince your readers to choose you over the competition.

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