It’s all very well getting lots of traffic to your site. But, what you’re really looking for is conversion. You want those visits to turn into sales. Now, this is by no means something you need to just leave up to fate. There are numerous actions you can take to optimise your conversion rate. These are factors built into your marketing approach and your UX/UI design, amongst other things. It need not have to be complicated. Here are just a handful of ideas you can use to optimise                                                                            your conversion rate today:

1. Don’t Require Unnecessary Information

This is especially true when it comes to forming fields. If people have to fill in long forms with all kinds of facts and numbers, they are likely to lose patience and go elsewhere. Decide what is really essential and cut down these fields as far as possible. 

2. Gear Your Design and UX Towards Conversions

Don’t make people search for your call to action. Make it bold and clear, so that, when they are ready to buy, they know exactly where to click. Whatever else you put on your pages, gear everything towards that final call to action. Keep this in mind with all aspects of your design, from the colours you choose to the positioning of elements on the page. While you’re at it, get rid of image sliders and stop using stock photos too.

3. Always Add Value

Let potential customers have no doubt about the innate value of your offering – and then add a little more. Even if your product is high-value in its own right, you are likely to close the deal if you throw in that little bit extra. If the reader likes your product, they’ll like it even more when you throw in something free.  Whatever your value offering, add something more.

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