Each blogger at some stage faces the problem of getting new ideas to write interesting blog posts. Blogging ideas are easily found when you first start to blog, but what happens if you have no more fresh ideas left?

Find below a few ways on how you can get new fresh ideas for your blog. Write a comment below if you want to add to this list.

  1. Questions from clients. Ask your clients a couple of questions about your industry.
  2. Read news press releases. Find news releases in the same industry that you are in. Search on press release websites on the category/keywords you are after.
  3. Regularly read other related blogs.
  4. Social Bookmarking websites. Search for keywords regarding your industry in popular social bookmarking websites.
  5. Search Technorati and Google blog search. These are powerful blog tools and search them using the same keyword plan to see what comes up.
  6. Read the comments on your blog.
  7. Track blog traffic statistics. Look at the most popular topics that attract readers and create another posting around the same topic.
  8. Invite a guest author to create a post.
  9. Step away from the computer. Yep, that’s right. Go for a walk and think of new ideas.
  10. Read the newspaper.
  11. Keep an idea log. Write down all the ideas on a notebook and keep them for use at a later stage.
  12. Check your RSS Feeds. Check RSS Feed websites and search for anything related to your industry.
  13. Find a friend or colleague to get a few ideas from.
  14. Set alerts on specific keywords. http://www.google.com/alerts and http://alerts.yahoo.com
  15. Look at what other people are looking for. http://google.com/trends
  16. Ask your audience for a new topic or ask a question.
  17. Browse related forums.
  18. Review a product/book/ebook.
  19. Create a post about a mistake you have made and how you have corrected it.
  20. Do a case study.
  21. Find a good video related to your topic on YouTube and write about it.
  22. Create your own video post.
  23. Find a topic and do a series of posts on it.
  24. Run a poll. After it’s done, discuss the results.
  25. Interview someone and post the interview as a topic.
  26. Create a topic about your personal experience.
  27. Create a list and write about the topics in your list. An example is this post.