By Eric Cook, WSI – MI, U.S.A

A peek into the crystal ball will tell you that “Adaptive” is definitely the future of SEO. With Google constantly refining its search algorithms in order to deliver better results to its users, SEO has had a complete makeover from what it was back in 2010.

At WSI we are very excited about the positive impact Adaptive SEO will have in the digital marketing world as well as for your business. Better yet, we’re geared to share this knowledge with you so that you do not get on the wrong side of search engine giants like Google!

If you or your team was to learn more about the power of AdaptiveSEO, we invite you to join WSI’s Digital Power Hour for a free webinar entitled “Get on the Same Page as Google with Adaptive SEO”. On March 27th 2014 at 11 AM (EST), WSI Digital Marketing expert, Francois Muscat will demonstrate how traditional SEO is different from Adaptive SEO. After the webinar you will also receive a complimentary marketing guide to aid you in your search marketing efforts.

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