Social selling using content marketing is all about using the power of words to boost your sales and strengthen the reputation of your organization. What you do not want to do, however, is to blend in with your competition in a blur of colloquialisms and slang.


Evolution of Language 

Aren’t you glad that we don’t have to speak Shakespearen – thee, thou, and so on. Languages change over time. Currently the international language of business, English boasts over 1000 000 words. Yet how many articles have you recently read which repeat the same boring words over and over?


Clean Up Your Writing 

Just as we avoid saying “umm” and “aah” when delivering a presentation, so we need to avoid too much jargon and wordplay. Even words and phrases that start off with much promise get tiring once they have been overused. Consider the first time you heard “think outside the box.” An aha moment, no doubt. But now it probably makes you roll your eyes!


Looking at recent lists of words to avoid, they can be divided into two distinct groups:


Trendy Words and Phrases

These are cringe-worthy ways of attempting to make simple communication appear to be more important than it is:

  • collaboratively engineer scalable e-tailers
  • assertively target interdependent
  • professionally deliver top-line leadership skills
  • assertively morph robust customer service


Unnecessary Words

“Strong writing is lean writing.” Ditch these words right away:

just          This word undermines your message.

really      Lazy writing.

very         Choose a more accurate, powerful word.

literally   Very seldom is this used to describe anything literal.

things     Be specific.


Write Real Content

Use well written content to enhance your reputation as a thought leader in your field.  The team at WSI OMS are awaiting your call. Contact us for more information today.

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