While doorway pages used to be a beneficial aspect of SEO marketing and web design, Google announced in 2015 that it was officially ‘closing the door’ on them. Thanks to the rise of content marketing, doorway pages have become irrelevant and detrimental to a website’s rankings. Below, we take a look at what doorway pages actually are, and why it is so important that you remove them from your web design as quickly as possible.


What are doorway pages?

Doorway pages, also commonly known as gateway pages, are web pages that have been created specifically for search engines. They are very easy to index and have been designed to help a website to rank for a specific keyword or keyword phrase. Ultimately, they were originally used to generate traffic to a website.


Why they’re bad

Google has begun to view doorway pages as a sneaky ‘Black Hat’ SEO technique and, as a result, has started penalizing websites, by lowering the website’s rankings, that make use of them. At the end of the day, while doorway pages might have benefited your business in the past, with Google making this judgment call, they will only do it harm in the future. The best way that you can ensure that you improve the traffic to your website and grow your following is by embracing the new world of content marketing and populating your website with user-friendly, helpful content relating to your business and its offering.


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